Stefano  Adamo
Milano based illustrator

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These are some of my selected works.
A more complete selection can be found on tumblr and my instagram account is updated with my latest works and activities. Thanks for visiting.
Selected Client:
Mousse Publishing, NBA, VICE, Coez, Marcelo Burlon - County Of Milan, C.P. Company, Church’s, Nuages Gallery, Sony Music, Esquire, Kunstbeeld, ICON Panorama, 71A Gallery, Fox Sports, Banca Generali, Rivista Studio.

Illustration for MATTATOIO68, an alive action role play that will take place at Macao Milano, where the partecipants will play the role of migrants and will challenge for the EU citizenship

C.P. COMPANY brand and Unotre Magazine asked me to create a series of illustrations that ended up becoming an interactive game with an apocalyptic imagery

Illustration for ESQUIRE magazine, the article talk about LGBT rights and political implications in egypt with Al-sisi government


“RIMO SUL VESTIARIO” is a personal project that depicts fashion & habits from the Italian rap scene since the beginning. VICE Italy magazine asked me for two exclusive illustrations from this series on the hip-hop group Club Dogo for their printed issue

Sometimes I do SATIRICAL illustrations and use black humor. Don't take it too seriously

Merry Xmax - 2012

CHURCH’S London brand commissioned illustrations on shoe care for their booklets & digital campaigns

For the NBA ‘Crossover’ event at Samsung District, the artwork I created illustrates the landscape of Milano Porta Nuova’s area

Football personality portaits I made through the last years for RIVISTA UNDICI & FOX SPORTS Channel

Since I started drawing I’ve always produced artwork & design for the MUSIC INDUSTRY, working with major & indipendent labels and various artists. 

Sine One - Automathrill
pencil on paper
Fratelli Quintale - AYCE
Fratelli Quintale - FQ Hand Sign

Coez - Faccio Un Casino
Inlay texture design

BELLA VITA is a cymk fluorescent + chrome silkscreen print on blank Hahnemuhle 350gsm paper, 50 x 70cm. The 20 copy edition is numbered & signed

photos by Pietro Cocco

PRISMO Magazine asked me to illustrate their Philip K. Dick’s biography, writer famous for his sci-fi narrative 

Illustrations for VICE Italy magazine, stories about people taking drugs unconsciusly

“Every idea is not just an image,
is also a representation an so a physiology.“